Hello! This is Rommel Joson.

Type driven posters on the theme of optometry. Rendered in gouache and colored pencil.
Tanglaw ng Sining
Collateral design for the graduation ceremonies of the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts
Illustration, Graphic Design, Print
T-Shirt design for Visual Communications Department of the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts
Illustration, Graphic Design
Lampara Books
Identity Redesign for Lampara Books, one of the largest children's books publishers in the Philippines.
Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Art Direction
A little zine I made as part of a collection of mini-comics.
Copy, Illustration, Print
Tall Story
Book cover design and illustration for Candy Gourlay's award-winning young adult novel.
Illustration, Graphic Design, Print
The Concrete Academy
Identity design for Northern Cement Corporation's educational and capacity building system.
Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Print
City Stories
Book Cover Design and Illustration for award-winning author Angelo Lacuesta's collection of short stories.
Illustration, Graphic Design, Print
Brand Identity for a gourmet burger company.
Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Print
Tagpuan (Rendezvous)
A short comic I made for my wedding invitation.
Copy, Illustration, Print
Takatak Komiks
Zine package containing several short mini-comics.
Copy, Illustration, Packaging Design, Print
Strange Skins
Self-published collection of story fragments and drawings.
Copy, Illustration, Print
Cover design and chapter comics for a new edition of the classic story.
Illustration, Graphic Design, Print
The Secret
Mini wordless comic included in the Takatak Komiks Project
Illustration, Drawing
A mini-comics made as part of the Takatak Komiks Project.
Story, Illustration, Comics
CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art
Illustrations of epic myths and poetry for the newest edition of the CCP Encyclopedia.
3rd World Snow
Short wordless comic inspired by the Mt. Pinatubo volcanic eruption of 1991.
Story, Illustration, Comics
Tay Collaborative Infographics
Graphic Design
Cebu Pacific Calendar
Artworks for Cebu Pacific's Annual Calendar giveaway.
Copy. Illustration, Graphic Design, Print
Pretty In Ink Whiteboard Animation
Stop motion white board music video featuring the music of The Greyskulls
Plasform DIY
Product Logo Design
Brand Identity
Jaeson Printing / Studio Dialogo
Co-branded Calendar Project featuring illustrations from multiple artists.
Illustration, Graphic Design
Chateau 1771 Graduation Poster
Illustration, Graphic Design, Copywriting
Prestige Paper Products
Calendar Project featuring illustrations from multiple artists.
Copywriting, Illustration
JG Summit Planner Project
Graphic Design, Illustration
Cafe 1771 Graduation Promo Poster
Graphic Design, Copywriting
Unicef "Halimaw" (Monster) Cinema Spot
Motion Graphics, Illustration
Cebu Pacific Airlines
Flight Safety Card Illustration and Design. Done under Studio Dialogo.
Graphic Design, Illustration
Robinson's Retail Holdings, Inc.
Graphic Design, Illustration, Print Design
Prestige Paper Products
Concept and Packaging Design for a collection of paper samples.
Copywriting, Illustration, Graphic Design, Print
Cebu Pacific
Board Room Table Game Design
Illustration, Furniture Design
Bench Love Local T-Shirt Design
Ayala Foundation, Inc. Infographics
Infographics for the Ayala Foundation, Inc.'s Annual Report
Illustration, Infographics
Flatiron 1771 Menu Design
Menu Design for Flatiron 1771
Graphic Design
Pontefino Corporate Newsletter
Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Print Design
CANVAS Mission-Vision
1001 Awesome Stickers for Boys
Illustration, Graphic Design, Character Design
Kuku Yalanji
Editorial Illustration for Tiger Tales Australia.
Editorial Illustration, Print
Cebu Pacific Annual Report
Client: Cebu Pacific Airlines Project Type: Annual Report Role: Art Direction and design for the Annual Report cover and selected spreads. Illustrations: Fran Alvarez/Rommel Joson Photography: Jason Quibilan
Graphic Design, Illustration, Art Direction
Jacinto & Lirio
Illustrations for planner covers made of water hyacinths.
Illustration, Graphic Design
Why We Fly
Mural Design for Cebu Pacific Airlines' Corporate Headquarters
Illustration, Graphic Design
Our Darkest Hours
Cover Design and Illustration for Jose Miguel Arguelles' collection of stories.
Illustration, Graphic Design, Print
Graphic Design, Illustration
Global Financial Turmoil
Editorial Illustration for AIM Alumni Leadership Magazine
Editorial Illustration
Love Your Own
Editorial illustrations for an article on reconnecting with one's roots. 
Editorial Illustration, Print
Maximum Volume 2
Cover Design and Illustration for an anthology of short stories.
Illustration, Graphic Design, Print
Illustrations for an article on the use of cacao in meditation rituals.
Editoria Illustration, Print
Illustration entry for a catalogue entitled "INK on PAPER".
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